Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Trees are intricately linked to visions of the South. The film Steel Magnolias is a superb instance of this linkage. Magnolia timber are often trimmed into the acquainted Christmas tree shape, but they grow immediately and real when left alone. They will develop as tall as pines below ideally suited conditions.
The most important Magnolia found in the South is the Southern Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora. This tree grows throughout the South in creek and river bottoms, swamps, and round other hardwood trees. It is an evergreen tree, losing outdated leaves in the spring and seed pods in late summer. You must plant it in a place the place the previous leaves, blossoms, and seed pods will not make too much of a huge number, or be very diligent approximately choosing up the clutter from the tree. Nevertheless, the big, glossy leaves, lovely tree, and fantastic smelling white blossoms make up for any hassle the tree muddle may cause.
Magnolia trees grow best in free, acidic soils. They're tolerate of high moisture levels and will be planted in areas vulnerable to moist/dry fluctuations in soil moisture. They don't like black, clay soils.. Generally a tree will grow for several years, then decline and die whilst the roots hit the compacted clay substrate. Magnolia trees will develop in partial shade, however will not grow as quick and could have fewer blooms than a tree planted in full sun.
Magnolia trees are propagated from cuttings taken off of older bushes or from seed. The bushes grown from cuttings grow significantly better than the timber grown from seed. The seeds are exhausting to germinate, and the cuttings are laborious to root. It is best to purchase a tree from a nursery as a substitute of making an attempt to develop one from seed or a reducing yourself.
The best time to plant Magnolia timber varies with the climate. It may be as early as is October and November or as late as February. It is best to dig a hole two times as vast as the basis ball or container wherein the plant is growing, and as deep as the foundation ball. Be certain the highest of the root ball is degree with the soil floor, then backfill with the local soil you just dug from your hole. Water totally to settle the soil. Then observe 3 to five inches of mulch at the soil surface to conserve moisture and stop weeds.
The tree will should be watered 3 times per week, with one inch of water a time, the first two weeks. After that, water the tree one inch every week once a week. Too much water will kill your tree quicker than too little water. Don't fertilize at planting or in the winter. Wait until spring arrives and the tree has new progress before fertilizing.
For the primary 3 years, fertilize lightly in March, May, July, and September. Through the fourth growing season, you perhaps can scale back that to March and September for the remainder of the lifetime of the tree. You will need to check the soil around the tree to know what nutrients to feed your plant. It'll definitely want Nitrogen, but may no longer need Phosphorus or Potassium.
Most individuals shape their Magnolia tree right into a pyramidal shape. You should leave the lower branches at the Magnolia, in order that the cover extends to the ground and hides the tree litter. You have to to selectively prune the facet branches in December to take care of the pyramidal shape. When you chose not to trim the tree, it'll develop instantly and might attain eighty to one hundred feet in height. It goes to nonetheless have the foliage and blossoms, but there won't be as lots of them as if it have been pruned into the pyramidal shape.
There are completely different cultivators of Magnolia trees. Some grow solely 20 toes tall, some grow 80 ft tall. You may be able to do a little research and discover the perfect cultivator for the location you have chosen on your tree. While planting, be certain you enable for the mature dimension of the tree and avoid overhead traces, sidewalks, and other plants. The tree will colour out such a lot crops which can be beneath the canopy, so maintain that during mind.

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