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Carnation Flower Meanings And Different Corlors

Carnations adorn so many places. They're present at weddings and birthday parties; at funerals and festivals. They're used in all occasions or none at all. A simple long stemmed carnation evokes as much of a sigh as does a bouquet of carnations. And the colors! Oh the colors! The bright reds, yellows, pinks, peaches... now who wouldn't love to have a sight like that brighten up their day? But do you know the carnation flower meaning? Do you know what the carnation flower is all about? How it came to be and what it signifies? What is the meaning of carnation flowers? So if I have been able to tweak your curiosity a little bit, you'll be interested in knowing the carnation flower meaning. Shall we?
The carnation flower meaning literally translates to 'Flowers of the god' or 'Flowers of love'. The carnation flower, it is said, dates back 2000 years and more. The flower is characterized by the sweet clove like smell that it emanates and its ruffled appearance, along with having long -asting abilities.
The scientific name of the carnation flower is Dianthus caryophyllus. And it is a flower that is surrounded by mythology, symbolism and debate. Some suggest that the carnation flower meaning derived its name from the word 'corone' which means flower garland or from 'coronation' because it was used in Greek ceremonial crowns. While others say that it is derived from the Latin word 'carnis' meaning flesh, because of its pinkish tinge, or the word 'incarnacyon' meaning incarnation.
Flowers have been used to signify several things for over centuries. They have a very important place and position in our society, as I have mentioned earlier in the article. They are used as a medium to express several things. Similarly, the carnations are used to signify several emotions. Carnations are worn on occasions of Teacher's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Mother's Day. Carnations are the official flowers of the state of Ohio. Along with that they are the first wedding anniversary flower. They are also the January birth flower. Now that we know the significance and importance set with the carnation flower, let's look at some of the carnation flower meanings of its different colors.
Carnation Color Meanings
While the carnation flower meaning in general signifies virtues and emotions like love, distinction and fascination, it is very interesting to note, that each of the several colors of the carnation flower signify a different meaning and association. Thus the carnation flower meaning holds a different and unique meaning for all its colors.
Red Carnation Flower
The red carnation flower meaning is a symbol of being associated with admiration and friendship. At the same time a very bright red carnation flower meaning suggests deep love and affection.
Pink Carnation Flower
The pink carnation is considered to be the most significant flower among all the carnation colors. This is because it is believed that the pink carnation first bloomed from the Virgin Mary's tears as she wept for Jesus carrying the cross of his crucifixion. Thus these flowers symbolize a mother's undying love. Over the years it has even come to be associated with a woman's love.
White Carnation Flower
White carnations are symbolic of feelings of pure love, innocence, faithfulness, ardent love and good luck. They also signify gratitude.
Purple Carnation Flower
These flowers mean capriciousness. Meaning the ability to change according to whim. But the occasions on which these flowers can be or are given is unclear.
Yellow Carnation Flower
A yellow carnation signifies emotions of rejection, disdain and disappointment in someone.
Striped Carnation Flower
This flower is used when one wants to convey their refusal to someone.
Of course you loved the carnations before you read this article, but now that you know about the carnation flower meaning and significance, doesn't it make you look at them differently? So the next time you take in the clove scented aroma, you will definitely be reminded of the emotions that the color you're holding signifies...Won't you?

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