Monday, October 17, 2011

Surprise Your Sweetie with Colorful Flowers

  It's expected that you give your sweetheart flowers on Valentine's Day or an anniversary. However, it's often the unexpected moments that can leave a lasting impact and earn you some serious brownie points. Taking an ordinary moment and turning it into a romantic gesture is a way to show your love and appreciation for your significant other, and ensure that you keep her around for a long time. When you're shopping for floral arrangements in the near future, keep a few of these situations in mind to make your gifts all the more special.
1. A surprise in the morning. Your girlfriend probably has enough on her mind when she's trying to get out the door in the morning. So why not use this opportunity to wow her with a gorgeous bouquet of lilies? Start first by making her coffee just the way she likes it as well as a quick and nutritious breakfast. You can then display everything on her table and place the colorful flowers inside of a vase. When she emerges from her bedroom, she'll be awestruck by your generosity and ingenuity and end up having a smile on her face all day.
2. Brighten her day during rush hour. Whether you're picking up your girlfriend from the train station or waiting for her at the bus stop, this the perfect unexpected setting to surprise your loved one with a dazzling floral bouquet. Regardless of the season, go with something bright and cheery, such as sunflowers flanked by iris or orange and yellow tulips accented by carnations. The simple fact that you took time out of your day to greet her when she came home will be touching in its own right, but you will earn some serious kudos by having some beautiful flowers in tow.
3. Send flowers to her work. If your sweetheart has been having a tough time at her job or even if everything is going swimmingly, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of receiving flowers at the workplace. Not only will this make her co-workers jealous, but these gorgeous blooms will provide an aesthetic boost to her work environment.
Unexpected gestures of love are the ones that have an enduring quality, so use the beauty of flower gifts to your advantage to add a bit of joy to your loved one's day.

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