Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Home Or Office Need Zen Plants

For those who are looking to work within an Asian aesthetic or simply looking to instill a sense of calm in their homes, there's nothing that zen plants can't do to infuse an air of tranquility into your home or office. A touch of greenery has an uncanny ability to make a place seem lived in and functional, and with the wide variety of potted plants on the market, you can find the perfect bit of green to perk up the look of your space. Keep a few of these ideas in mind when you're shopping for a new addition to your updated décor.
1. A bonsai plant. Bonsai cultivation is hundreds of years old and finds its origins in the Far East. While these humble little plants require plenty of tender loving care to flourish, it could become one of your favorite hobbies! There are countless bonsai plants out there, whether you'd like a flowering azalea or gardenia, or a beautifully cool and composed jade plant. Bonsai cultivation is all about pruning and building the tree to your liking, so crafting a plant the way you'd like is a fabulous way to decorate any space.
2. Bamboo. For those who are looking to craft an Asian design aesthetic in their homes and are looking for a bit of inspiration, no room is complete without a bamboo plant. These are very different than bonsai plants as they need very little attention to grow and don't require much maintenance. They will also look spectacular when placed in a glass vase with small rocks that can conform to nearly any interior design scheme. Whether placed on a window sill or a shelf, these humble plants will be a hit.
3. Orchids. These exotic flowers are a beautiful addition to your living room or office, and they look absolutely spectacular when they're in bloom. They're a wholly unique variety that come in a number of fabulous colors and would look spectacular in a small ornate vase. While they do require a bit of effort to keep in tip-top shape, you'll be proud of your hard work when they fill your space with their enchanting scents and striking blooms.
Zen plants are welcome additions to any design scheme, and they can create the serenity that you'll love to come home to.

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