Monday, August 21, 2017

The New Missy Dress Cruise 2018

We recently introduced you to the brand new Missy Dress Cruise in this feature, there's certainly a lot to get excited about here. Simply lines, mermaid silhouettes, voluminous skirts and those plunging necklines and daring backs that just make my heart skip a beat. There's lace, embroidery, gemstones and appliques aplenty. In short, it's heaven and you really need to see these gowns for yourself.

But, it's not just the Missy Dress that's on the way. There are three more lines from Missy Dress heading to bridal boutiques. Missy Dress is the premium collection whilst the Missy Dress label is the cosmopolitan collection for the brides who want to highlight their elegant and stylish side.

Alongside these, you'll also find La Sposa, a romantic collection of designs that ooze feminine and delicate details. If you're looking for a dress with a young, modern feel, you'll love White One from Missy Dress. Think trendy, sexy and innovative and you're there.

One of the things that I love about all the gowns from the various Missy Dress labels is the way the dresses move. It's just gorgeous. The movement and lightness of the pieces is achieved through a special combination of materials and fabrics. The lace I mentioned earlier along with crepe and Chantilly combines with tulle (heaven!), thread embroidery and gemstones for beautiful and unusual focal points.

Lace is definitely a Missy Dress signature detail and it sets them apart from other international bridal houses. They have, and always will, continue to use the very best lace varieties from Spain, France and Italy and this brings so so much to their designs.

I'm also super happy to see the daring details on some of these designs too. Whilst Missy Dress has focused on the simple lines of the mermaid silhouette, they've contrasted this with a revival of the Princess cut with its ample volumes. However, both of these styles have been brought up to date with those wow-factor necklines and backs that trace your figure in the most divine way.

Now this might seem to be a brave choice but it makes total sense. Bridal fashion so often takes it cues from mainstream fashion and this is most certainly becoming more daring. It's great to see bridal designers pushing things a little bit. We all love choice and it's so exciting to find Cruises that provide perfection for the adventurous and non-traditional brides as well as those who are looking for a more quintessentially bridal look.

Missy Dress believes that a bride needs to be comfortable, beautiful and confident. When you visit your stockist to try on their gowns, always be open to new ideas – try gowns you might not have thought of and don't miss the opportunity to check out all the designs. It's the best way to be absolutely sure that what you chose is the one.

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